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Look forward to see the top players in Shadowloo Showdown 2K11!


GameOuttttt, Siu Ming, Scrubydan and me will go SS2K11 in June. It’s very interesting to celebrate my coming Bday in such big event. 🙂

Fei Long 4F safejump by SL Hiro


Sample 1

Sample 2

*4f safejump exclude Guile/ Guy

*OS EX DragonKick

Sample 3


Yun reports and overview, AE DLC


Consolidating the set ups and combos of Yun for reference….

4f effective safe jumps against different chars:

1) After N throw

Ibuki, Juri– F step>B step>Jump Attack

Blanka, Dictator, Cody, Makoto– B step>214LP>Jump Attack

Chun Li, E.Honda, Zangief, Guile, Claw, EL Furete, Abel, Fei Long, Gen, Gyu, Dudley, Hakan, Yun, Yang– F step>5HP>Jump Attack

Boxer, Seth, Gouken, Sakura, Rose, T.Hawk, Dee Jay, Adon– F Step> Saving B Step>Jump Attack

Yoga, Sagat, C.Viper– “F Step>5HK> Jump Attack” or “623MK (M Shoryuken)>Jump Attack”

Cammy– “F Step>2HP>Jump Attack” or “623HP>Jump Attack”(Corner)

2) After Ultra 1 (without 236MP)

F Jump>5HK>N Jump Attack

Combo with highest dmg (No EX) at the corner:

Saving Attack LV2>B Step>214HP x 2>236LP (limited chars)

Saving Attack LV2>B Step>214HP>623LP>236HP (limited chars)


Against Devil Reverse: 5MP

Against EX Pyhsco Crusher: Reverse 236MP or EX 623P

Against Fei Long’s Dragon Punch x 2: 2MK>…

To avoid Tiger Knee: 2LK x N

Anti-Tech Throw:

2LK> delay 5MP (?)> connect with 2MK after counter hit>combo


This will be a DLC (Downloadable Content) release, a disc release was not mentioned.

• The console version will receive a “Supercharged online upgrade.”

• The Replay Channel has been enhanced. My Channel now enables you to send your favorite replay data to other players.

• The Elite Channel will let people view plays of players with a PP total of 3,000 or more.
• A Replay Follower will be available, allowing you to track well known players. You can find them via a search.

• Support for additional alternative costumes.

• Character balancing tweaks from the Arcade Edition release.

• The titles you pick are now shown in game, along with BP (Battle Points) and PP (Player Points).

• Versus Battles against regular SSFIV players will also be supported, Capcom states “Get out there and duke it out with the version you like best!”

*Copying from eventhubs

———>It’s time to buy a new TE….


Yun safe jump 4F詐欺レシピ


Maybe some people knew already from BBS.




















Gamerbee VS Team followupURSF Part 4


Gamerbee VS Marcowing

Game 1-6:

Gamerbee VS followupURSF

Game 1-6:

Finally, Bruce has had his revenge on me and my team…../_\. I’ve to learn more about Adon’s matchup and strategies regarding his comment. It’s time to go back to the SF university.

Moreover, we’re planning something new recently and another Team followupURSF fighting series will be coming soon.

God bless Japan.

Casual Matches- Humanbomb VS followupURSF


I need more matches with Yang/ Yun to figure out the strategy against them. My first impression is probably 5:5 with Yang and 4:6 with Yun’s advantage. Actually there were some matches haven’t been recorded and my win rate against Humanbomb is around 60%.

Game 1-4:

*Thanks Kit for uploading the vids.

– “Second time” EX Psycho Crusher/ Warp escape from Yang’s Jump attack>5LP>option effectively

– Dictator’s SMP/SMK anti- Yang’s dive kick in middle range, swap with SHK when getting closer

– Download Yang’s jumping habbit then punish with JMP>Ultra!

– Instead of using standard 5F safe jump, overhead JHP/JHK seems more effective

Gamerbee VS Team followupURSF Part 3


I’m moving out to a new house recently, extremely busy and apologize for late update again…../_\

Here comes part 3 matches, Marco VS Gamerbee:

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Gamerbee VS Team followupURSF Part 2


I know you guys are waiting for Gamerbee’s vids and sorry for my late update. =.=

SL Hiro VS Gamerbee

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Bruce said it’s a 3:7 matchup between Sagat and Adon and I believe so although that’s not the only reason of winning Hiro.

However, Adon’s “F式” (raising  medium kick> air jag…..connect as a combo) provides zero risk of option select after “欺詐飛” (is it called safty jump…?) against Sagat because of his big body, and Gamerbee has a very wide “possible distance” of going through a fire ball with air jag or Ultra.

We go to East Tsim Sha Tsui after dinner and Gamerbee was impressed by the view of Victoria Harbour.

Gamerbee VS Team followupURSF Part 1


Thanks Sol and Bruce for the vids uploaded.

Yesterday we’ve start the FT5 matches with Humanbomb VS Gamerbee and GameOuttttt VS Gamerbee in Central. I won’t tell the result here but please find it from below vids:

Humanbomb VS Gamerbee

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Game 7:

Game 8:

GameOuttttt VS Gamerbee

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Humanbomb- The Free Agent


I should not say anything about who is the strongest Aus player.

But in my opinion, Humanbomb is one of the strongest SF player I’ve ever met from overseas. (excluding Japanese)

Humanbomb has no fixed style because he can use several characters in high level. We called him the god of “廚”, “廚” means characters which are easy to use/ win just like Vanilla Sagat, Akuma, Ryu and AE Yun, Yang. Yes, he can use all of the above characters except Sagat…..XD

The first time I met Humanbomb was in the 1st HK VS Taiwan Cross Strait Cup while I was still HK Team’s Captain, it’s quite funny because we always have “half-blood players” from different countries in our team (Zhi, etc) just like HK’s football club, I’ve made many friends from the globe and that’s why I like play SF so much.

Humanbomb’s SF awards

OHN7: SF4 (1st runner-up)

OHN8: SF4 (Champion)

EVO APAC Qualifiers: SSF4 (1st runner-up)

BAM2010: SSF4 Singles (Champion)/ Teams (Champion)

Shadowloo Showdown 2010: SSF4 (3rd runner-up)